Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez Cleavage is Bella Bella in Milan

We haven’t seen South American to Italy TV hostess transplant Belen Rodriguez for a while now. One of the finest looking imports in the Boot is always somewhere on TV over there, or in the gossip pages because of racy vacation photos or personal affairs of the heart. And she deserves all the attention she gets. Mostly the good attention for her super fine looks and her willingness to show plenty of skin even in more formal occasions.

At a photocall in Milan, Belen followed the old adage, that if you got it, flaunt it, as she did with a rather low cut dress that revealed plenty of her chestal fineries. We’ve seen Belen’s funbags in the past, so we know she’s packing perfection in a slender frame. Belen, we need more of you darling to make our virtual lust cups runneth over. I think it might be time for another topless vacation. I’m buying. Enjoy.

Belen Rodriguez Flashes Her Intimate Butterfly at 62nd Italian Song Festival

Oh, how we love our Argentinean hottie transplants, none more so than Belen Rodriguez, super hottie of the (removed) sex tape fame, soccer play WAG fame, and all around now Italian hottie taking The Boot by storm with her modeling, acting, and most notably, just looking super hot on every TV show where she plays sextastic hostess.

At the 62nd Italian Song Festival in Sanemo, Belen Rodriguez did not disappoint, with a dress that showed off pretty much all parts of her ridiculously hot body, both cleavetastic upper-ness, and a slit up her dress that rode the escalator all the way to the butterfly due left of the lady nest. Oh, how we wish we could have watched that butterfly hatch from its cocoon. So hot. Enjoy.