Anatomy Awards

Emily Ratajkowski, Lizzy Caplan, and Margot Robbie Topless for the Anatomy Awards Win! (VIDEO)

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I can tell you that on Oscar night, I’ll be throwing my delicate European light lager at the TV screen in anger over the poor winning results. No so much as I argue creatively with the choices so much as watching $100 in my Oscars pool flush down the toilet yet another year. The Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards are an entirely different matter. I have zero bones to pick with their winners. Obviously, everybody has their personal boobtastic favorites, but there’s not a one of you I wouldn’t shank in the shower for conjugal time with any of these lovely lady winenrs.

For Best Breasts, the delightful Emily Ratajkowski show off and then took the cake for her Blureed Lines performance, for Best TV Show the winner was Showtime’s Masters of Sex featuring most notably Lizzy Caplan repeatedly topless, and Margot Robbie winning Nudecomer of the Year for her epic reveals in The Wolf of Wall Street. Check them all out. And, do enjoy.

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Who Wants an Xbox One? Check Out the Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards And Be Entered to Win (VIDEO)

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Updated to Add: if you enter your email address on the landing page after leaving this site, you are entered in the prize contest even if you don’t see the Xbox specifically mentioned. Trust me, it’s there. I mean, trust me like I’m Egotastic!, not like when the government says to trust them and you’re skrewed.

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This isn’t like one Xbox for the entire world. This is one Xbox One for one lucky Egotastic! Reader only. One of my lucky semi-employed bastard viewers is going to take home the Xbox One, courtesy of Mr. Skin and their annual Anatomy Awards, featuring delicate categories such as Best Nip Slip, Best Albino Nudity, and Best Backburger. It’s so much better than the Oscars.

It’s completely FREE, as in gratis, no purchase necessary, to see all the sextastic photos and clips of every nominated scene live now at Mr. Skin. When you’re there, enter to win that Xbox, become the envy of your neighborhood, finally get laid by a girl you don’t have to pretend to your friends doesn’t have a Facebook account, and be somebody. It all happens now.

Enter to win now. Seriously, NOW. Yes, you might have to look at a bunch of really hot girls with no clothes on, but suffer you must. Enjoy.

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Vote in the 15th Annual Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards, Win an Xbox One, Become Popular!

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It’s that time of the year again. Awards season. No, not the massive black-tie circle you know what that is the Academy Awards and the seventy-nine other slap on the back for being awesome film and TV industry events. The important stuff. The Anatomy Awards, the 15th annual from Mr. Skin which allows you, the celebrity funbag and skin loving not so average joe to vote on the winners. And vote you must, it is your civic sextastic duty.

Watch the video clips, vote, be entered to win an Xbox One, and become absolutely the most lucky kid in your whole block. Also, that part about deciding the outcome of the free nekkid world isn’t so bad either.

VOTE NOW. Vote early. And, naturally, vote with your pants on, please. Enjoy.

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Mr. Skin’s 14th Annual Anatomy Awards — See Nekkid Celebrities, Win an IPad! (VIDEO)

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When our friends at Mr. Skin told us it was time for the 14th annual Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards, we became visibly excited; 2012 truly was one of the finest year in celebrity skin on screen that we can remember. And while both our short term and long term memory have been mildly to dramatically affected by chemicals related to the malting of liquor process, we are just about to prepared to call this the finest year ever.

And, now’s your chance to review all the best celebrity skin of the past year and  VOTE  and enter to win a free latest edition iPad, from which to watch all of the coming year’s celebrity skin.

It’s a win-win of sextastic skin proposition. Do it now, before you’re only the second person on your block to enter.

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Mr. Skin Anatomy Award Winners Announced (Like the Oscars, If the Oscars Weren’t Super Boring)

Forget all the Oscar hoopla over silly films most people will never see, our friends at Mr. Skin, expert purveyors of all things skin on film, have announced the winners of their 13th annual Anatomy Awards, for the voter-voted on choices of their favorite bits of flesh filled celluloid fantasies from the past year.

Check out the Anatomy Awards winners announcement video on Mr. Skin for the uncensored big wins. Enjoy.