Amy Adams

Amy Adams Chest Puppies Snubbed at The Oscars

I get it, it’s art. It’s all subjective. And that girl from Yale Drama who won Best Supporting Actress was quite impressive. But, c’mon, Amy Adams boobtastic got completely snubbed at The Oscars. Forget her film which also didn’t see a trophy, this isn’t art, this is science. The science of ginger hottie bare melons, on constant 70′s cleavetastic display throughout the movie, and, for the briefest of moments, completely bare.

When this snubbing occurred, I thought, go on, take the high road and say it was an honor just for Amy Adams’ funbags just to be nominated. But the low road is where I feel more comfortable, and comforting, specifically of Amy Adams sweet teats. Those flesh twins of joy got completely robbed. I demand a recount!

Amy Adams Kicks Off Oscar Weekend With a Bang-a-Boobtastic

I have resolved to put aside my general negativity regarding Hollywood kissing it’s collective hiney and saying ‘we are awesome’ in favor of just ogling all the super fine women who will be decked out and showing off this Oscar weekend.

It began last night really with belusted ginger-at-times hottie Amy Adams showing off her spectacular cleavage on the red carpet at some promotional event for American Hustle. American Hustle is expected to compete for the top prize this weekend, although Amy Adams boob-baring turn in that film has already earned her a statue from me. It’s in my pants. But, then, you knew I was going to say that. Enjoy.

Amy Adams Topless: Life Is All About Perception

I’d take Amy Adams any way I can. The ginger slender bombshell just floats my boat in all sorts of unnatural tidal ways. But perhaps her best performance to date for those who want to ravish Amy’s fine female form, is as the sultry con artist in American Hustle. While Amy shows mega-70′s cleavage throughout the film, there is one particular rather quick moment when you believe you might just see Amy flashing her full poundcakes during a fast clicking making of the sexy scene in the movie. Well, what do you see?

Life is a series of wonderful fleeting moments. You need to make sure to keep your eyes open, and mouths and hands often as well, to capture all its glory. This is going to be another wonderful week at Egotastic! I can almost taste it. Enjoy.

I Have A Healthy Obscene Lust Crush on Amy Adams

When they find me passed out in Amy Adams panties drawer, I don’t want any of you to say you didn’t see it coming. Don’t be that neighbor or coworker who acts all shocked when they hear odd news about somebody they thought they knew. I’m telling you now, I have a crazy lust crush on Amy Adams. I want you to tell reporters you totally expected this and surprised I wasn’t hauled away with a mouth full of her undergarments sooner.

The coquettishly hot Amy Adams sparkled (I know that’s a girly term) on the red carpet for American Hustle in what I’m sure is some quite expensive fancy designer dress that all I could think about was ripping from her sweet female form and declaring one million years of manly evolutionary desire to give her several babies in one sitting. In my mind, everything works out wonderfully after that point. Which is why I choose to live in fantasyland. So much more action than in reality land. Enjoy.

Amy Adams Smoking Hot in Vanity Fair

I really don’t know why Amy Adams limits herself to so many goody-good roles in Muppet movies and the like. She is so damn ginger hot I almost want to cry. And beg her to take on my daring, revealing, baring roles in either the movies or just hanging in my kitchen-living room reading the paper in the morning.

Amy put on quite the photographic display of mature sextastic for this month’s Vanity Fair, showing exactly how explosive she can be when she gets into hottie skin flashing mode. Just so damn alluring. I already ate three pages of my copy of the magazine. Just instinct. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, and Amy Adams Lead Our List of LACMA Gala Hotties

Ah, another day, another gala to which I’m not invited. And this one really hurts. No, not because of all the A-List celebrities that came out to support the L.A County Museum of Art Film thingamajig, but because of all the A-List celebrity hotness that was on display at the froufrou event that I missed out on personally scoping with my scope thing.

And there was some serious talent onboard at this event, including Kate Hudson, looking all kinds of showy, Kate Beckinsale, looking all kinds of MILFy, and Amy Adams looking all kinds of, well, Amy Adams, which is ever amazing. So, for one more evening, my tux stayed in the closet at the local tux rental shop. But my heart, my heart will go on. Enjoy.

Amy Adams Cleavage for the Sweet Ginger Puppy Show-Off

I don’t mind girls faking it, not in the least, it’s how I do my best work really. I know she’s not a natural red, but I’m still partial to Amy Adams. Just the illusion of ginger is enough for me. And when you throw in innocent girl Amy showing off a ton of cleavage at the New York Film Festival, why then this red has me feeling pretty flush myself.

It’s a shame that Amy doesn’t get a bit more frisky with her thespianic choices. She really does seem like a caged tiger, so much potential for delightful clawing and scratching, rather than just seeing the pretty animal pacing back and forth in a cage. I don’t rule the world, not yet at least. You’ll know the day I do for that is the day you will be able to see if Amy’s carpet matches her drapes. Trust. Enjoy.