SyFy To Make A Show About Vampire Cars

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bill-swift - July 31, 2015

SyFy Channel has had an unexpected hit with the Sharknado franchise. Who knew that a film about sharks in a whirlwind would touch the zeitgeist so amazingly well. Not to be outdone, SyFy is coming back with a series about a blood drinking car. It is called...wait for it...Blood Drive. The 13 episode show is about a man who kills his way across a post-apocalyptic America in order to keep his vampire car going. He is driving a cross-country race for reasons that are not entirely clear. Science fiction often explores themes and ideas through the lens of advanced science and technology. I'm not entirely sure what a story about a vampire car has to show us but then again I am not a big producer at a science fiction based network that specializes in making schlock.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm going to watch it. All 13 episodes. I may even buy the action figures if there are any. I already have a Sharknado bobblehead. 

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