Superman Teams Up With…Neil Degrasse Tyson?

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bill-swift - November 9, 2012

In this month's Action Comics #14, Superman teams up with the Internet's favorite scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson. No, Tyson does not try to blind Lex Luthor with his ugly vests. Instead Superman engages Tyson to help him find where Krypton once existed. You will recall that the Man of Steel was born on a planet that orbited a red star that blew up moments after Superman's dad launched him to Earth. DC recently rebooted its universe, so this Superman is only 27 years old. DC came to Tyson to help them find a scientifically correct answer to the question. You'd think that they wouldn't go to such lengths to prove the possible existence of a fake planet but whatever.

Tyson told DC about a red dwarf star that is 27 light-years from Earth. I'm sure all of those annoying pedant friends we all have on Facebook that constantly post Tyson memes will be thrilled. I wonder if it's really even necessary. I mean, who cares if there is an actual Krypton-like solar system? It's fiction after all. In fact, it sort of makes it less special. It's like when George Lucas explained that the Force was a bacterial infection of Midi-Cholorians. I'm OK with not having fantasy things explained to me through science. Also, why does Superman need a telescope and a physicist? It blew up, what's the point? It's not like he can go there because there is nothing but an asteroid field of kryptonite chunks. Lame.

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