Stop Looking at Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts

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bill-swift - January 11, 2006

Match Point star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is what some might call a cheeky monkey. I would call him a hero. While filming the sex scene for the latest Woody Allen film, Scarlett Johansson asked that Rhys-Meyers be a gentleman and respect eher privacy, and not peek at her privats. Of course, when it's Scarlett Johansson's breasts in front of you, looking away isn't quite the easiest thing to do, reports ContactMusic.

I remember Scarlett telling me not to look at her tits. And I was trying to be a gentleman and sort of asking for a glimpse.

But I did sneak a peek. I couldn't help it, they were in my face.

She has lovely lips and she's a great kisser. Being able to maul her for 30 seconds, I was able to embrace that side of me and the film became easier.

Seems he was able to embrace that side of her too. Give that man a prize. He deserves it.

It would seem, however, that this sudden bout of modesty isn't quite in keeping with Scarlett's past behaviour. And here's proof: