Stop And See All The Hottest Contestants From Japan’s Miss Bumbum Competition!

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brian-mcgee - July 25, 2018

While not renowned for their large posteriors, there are plenty of Japanese women sporting some extra junk in the trunk, and those beauties all turned out for Japan's Miss Bumbum competition. In fact, this might come as something of a surprise, but Japan is one of only three countries—along with Brazil and the US—to hold Miss Bumbum competitions, so it's clear that they've got their fair share of big-assed babes in the land of the rising sun!

Another thing I'm curious about is how different their competition is compared with the ones in the US and Brazil. Japanese competitions are known for being totally wacky and thoroughly out of the ordinary, so how do they manage to give their version an edge over the competitors?

Ah well, there are no answers to that question in the gallery below, but there are plenty of big-assed Japanese women looking to win you over with their substantial backsides. I suppose that will have to do in lieu of an actual answer to my question. It's funny how quickly our hang-ups and cares melt away when there are big booties to look at. You might even say that a big ass is better than Prozac.

Photo Credit: Splash News