Stephanie Seymour Bikini Pictures Commence What Will Surely Be an Awesome Vacation for Oglers

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bill-swift - December 21, 2011

Oh, yes, let the games begin.

Stephanie Seymouris back in St. Barths for the annual family vacation and you can fully expect to see-more than your typical celebrity bikini vacation. Nobody quite exhibits in the two-piece suit like super-sextastic veteran, Stephanie Seymour, who at 43 just seems to be taunting the gentleman ogling public with her MILFtastic body and those poses, oh, those magical poses.

Stephanie kicked off her first day on the beach with one of her classic butt-time play-time views that nearly cracked the camera lenses from spontaneous combustion of the sweaty variety. This is going to be epic, I can just feel it in my tingly areas. Enjoy.