Star Trek Video Game Comes off Retro and Futuristic at the Same Time (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 23, 2013

The new Star Trek movie is coming at us in May, while the video game appetizer hits in April. The third person action game looks similar to a Mass Effect game at a glance except with bright primary colors instead of gritty deep space tones. At this  point in the Star Trek canon, I guess we're all over the shock of Kirk and Spock --the highest ranking officers on the damn ship-- always jumping in front of explosions, laser fire and other dangerous objects as if there aren't other people aboard who can do that for them. In any case, this game will take full advantage of Kirk's reckless nature and Spock's ability to whoop ass against a variety of alien culture and throw it into a dynamic mix of Star Trek lore and modern gaming action. At least that's what  happens in my mind if this Star Trek game lives up to its promise. If not, just give us a dating simulator minigame where we get to play Kirk trying to bed green and/or mute chicks. We should always be practicing that.