Stallone And De Niro Are Going To Box In A Movie! Gee, I wonder who will win?

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bill-swift - October 19, 2012

Okay, Stallone won't be starring as Rocky and De Niro won't be reprising La Motta for Grudge Match, but the fact that both Sly and Bob will be in a ring together is enough for any cinephile to dance excitedly over.

Raging Bull and Rocky are two of the greatest movies ever created so the fact they are both returning to box can only really end badly. I mean, it would take a miracle for a film directed by Peter Segal (you guys remember My Fellow Americans? Me neither) to eclipse either classic. But I'm sure the two actors got paid a handsome sum to star and the marketing campaign takes care of itself. (I myself will be taking photos of Stallone from Rocky V and DeNiro from Rocky and Bullwinkle to create the fake trailer The Adventures of Rocky and Raging Bullwinkle. Trademarked.)

So in honor of Sly and Bob, here are 5 other actors who've returned to their own ring, so to speak, reprising famous characters from their halcyon days.