SPOILER–Who Else Was Eavesdropping On Carrie and Brody in ‘Homeland’ This Week (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 21, 2012

Homeland is the show that everyone's talking about around the water cooler these days. And as my desk is in the same closet as the water cooler, I'm forced to listen to people talk about it all friggin' day. This is why God invented water bottles people! In any event, it's an amazingly popular show and the folks over at Vulture put together a pretty clever little video showing just who else was listening to sometimes American hero/sometimes Islamic terrorist Nicholas Brody giving it long and hard to Carrie Mathison. Now if only Saul would've slipped his shirt off and shown them 101 sexual uses for grizzled old Jewish man beard, things really would've been kinky.

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