SMS Fails of the Week: Necromancer Gear, Oral Tickets, and Greeting Wiggers

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bill-swift - December 3, 2012

Shake, belly belly dancer. Shake, necro, necromancer. Wait--what just happened there? Autocorrect, that's what! Apparently, everyone's favorite AC prefers certain professions compared to others. It also happens to be a bit of a racist, which is apparent when someone tries to call someone a wigger in one of his messages. It doesn't look pretty at the very end.

If you need a job, then look no further. The requirements are pretty tough though, and apparently, you need to be a Taliban to work at immigration. Oh, the irony.

Finally, Autocorrect also pushes you to reveal your true feelings: whether it's calling your girlfriend a pain-in-the-arse biatch to telling your sister-in-law that she's delicious. Oh yeah, the gloves are off.

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