Kate Beckinsale’s Cat “Willow” is a Star

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egoadmin - February 25, 2020

If you are a Kate Beckinsale fan and I know you are, you will know that she's a legend and not so much for her "career" despite having that Vampire hit with Underworld, but a bigger legend in defying science, possibly by using science, to be the hottest, fittest, best aged woman pretty much ever.

You'll also know that her cat is a constant prop or co-star on her instagram feed, who you can see her doing a song and dance performance for, and who is not nearly as captivated as you or I would be in this situation. I mean a private Kate Beckinsale dance show. This is want fantasies are made of.

So here's to Willow, Kate Beckinsale's awesome cat who clearly has a better life than any of us!

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