Sleeping Dogs Goes Undercover with Egotastic Games

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bill-swift - August 7, 2012

If you've spent any time on Egotastic Games lately you'd know we're big on Square-Enix's Sleeping Dogs.  The biggest open world crime simulator of 2012 puts you in the shoes and tattoos of Wei Shen --an undercover cop who must keep both the police and the triads convinced he's still on their side. All of the car racing, shooting, gambling and throat-punching you're going to be doing in Sleeping Dogs will have this underlying tension running throughout.

All of this --the tension, gambling and throat-punching especially-- matches what we do around here so well, that we couldn't be more thrilled to have Sleeping Dogs as our launch partner for Egotastic's Hot Coffee, doing video game coverage as only we can.

See, all of the cool stuff that comes with Wei Shen being a cop --tracking cell phones, up-to-date intel, etc-- will be helpful to you as the gamer but only if you can keep your gangster buddies from getting curious. Similarly, Wei Shen will be witness to some pretty nasty crimes, even committing some himself, so he can remain in good standing with his organized crime family. How do you, as the player, handle it when other cops roll up on you for being the thug that you are? These things are going to happen in Sleeping Dogs and none of it's going to be easy. And that's a promising fact.

So over the next couple of weeks keep your eyes on Egotastic Games and Hot Coffee as we're going to be unloading all sorts of Sleeping Dogs content including behind-the-scenes access to the game's launch, exclusive cheats and tips and the fastest deep dive on what makes this game work.

For now catch up on all of our coverage so far and be sure to hit up Sleeping Dogs on Twitter because they're open to questions these days.