Skyrim DLC Finally Coming to PS3?

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bill-swift - October 19, 2012

It seems as though PS3 owners are finally seeing a ray of light through an otherwise stormy experience with Bethesda's latest edition to the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. A piece of code found within a Skyrim update for PC users has shed some light on what could be the news PS3 owners have been eagerly awaiting. Originally, users had uncovered a file mentioning a third DLC titled 'Dragonborn' that hinted at the possibility to be able to ride dragons. If that wasn't exciting enough, new code uncovered now gives us hope that both of the DLC's Skyrim currently has will be making their way onto the PS3 sometime soon.

Originally, Bethesda had an agreement to release their first DLC as an Xbox 360 30-day exclusive. The thirty day deadline soon approached and...nothing. No word came of a PS3 version of Dawnguard. That pissed some PS3 owners off pretty bad but salt was then added to the wound when Bethesda release their second DLC 'Hearthfire'. Once again their was no sign of any PS3 version, that is, until an announcement was finally made where Bethesda claimed they were having some serious issues getting the DLC's to function properly on the PS3. So we sat and we waited...and waited...and WAITED!

The code that has been uncovered (seen below) hints at various new inclusions to the game, with one line standing out among the rest.


It's not unheard of to have code relating to other consoles in PC updates so, if we're reading this correctly, it looks as though Bethesda may have just solved whatever issues they were having with the PS3. One rumor that's circulating mentions the idea of this new 'Dragonborn' DLC being a PS3 exclusive, due to the fact that it's the only console listed in the code. While it seems a bit far fetched, I have my hopes set that they end up giving us apologizing to us in some way or other for being screwed out of all of Skyrim's DLC content. An exclusive might be a bit much but we should at very least get a sweet deal on Dawnguard and Hearthfire, right?

There's yet to be any official announcement by Bethesda but we've seen Skyrim's code leak's before and they ended up being pretty accurate. What do you think PS3 owners should get for this delay? Do you think a PS3 exclusive DLC is believable? Do you even think Bethesda has managed to resolve their PS3 issues?

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