Sing-A-Long to the Autotuned ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast in Honor of its Return (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 2, 2013

Well, it's finally back. Now that Walking Dead is off the air, without Game of Thrones' return, I'd be forced to do something awful, like read, on my Sunday evenings. Blech! The HBO show returned with a bang last night (unfortunately only of the metaphorical variety and no gratuitous sex was had) and for those of us who hadn't read ahead in the books, we now know that giants exist and that if you're only job is to send off some ravens, you best do it, regardless of the ice zombies you just parted company with.

And to celebrate the return of everything GoT, listen to this curiously addictive autotune remix of the show. But be warned! It is not for the weak of heart, for it contains Ned Stark, and if you're a sentimental type, you may need to have some tissues around.