Shanina Shaik Sextastic Cleavy Beachy Hotness

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bill-swift - June 29, 2015

Outside of what I hope is an entirely vicious and unfounded rumor of being touched literally by the Devil's Midget, Shanina Shaik and her exotic lingeage by way of Australia is absolutely perfect. The entirely underrated brunette hottie simply dazzes in sheer or little to no clothes as she models and pimps her way through her early 20's, fast becoming a favorite of the off-maintstream brands.

In this little visual ditty for Free People, Shanina Shaik works the beach like nobody's business, save for her arm bra cover up which actually is my business, as in it's my job to report it to the authorities who hopefully will make that covering up illegal one future and more sane day. I can see why Shanina is attracting the attention of the world's most eligible, at least richest, young bachelors. She is quite the smoking hot thing. And those panties, do they come with? I don't need a box, thanks. I'll wear her out. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Free People

Shanina ever smoking hot in her lingerie visions.