Shane Battier Might be the Most Expressive Guy in the NBA

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michael-garcia - May 23, 2012

I look through a ton of photos every day trying to find the shots that help tell the stories of the games. It's really an interesting look into sports, especially basketball, seeing those moments captured in a single frame that are so different than watching them on TV.

And nearly every day that I look through NBA pictures, one face is always standing out; that of Miami Heat forward, Shane Battier. Battier has been in the NBA for ten years now. He was a stud at Duke, and I have nothing against Shane Battier. He plays hard, he's consistent, and he does what's asked of him. He's a Duke guy, that's what they're like.

Battier has played for Memphis, Houston, Memphis again and now Miami. He has had a very nice career which I'm sure has plenty of years left.

Anyway, Shane is one of the most expressive guys I see in all those pictures. Everyone's face is expected to get contorted during extreme physical activity, that's just normal. But Battier has so many more expressions than other players. It's really a sight to behold.

So enjoy the gallery, and check out the detailed analysis of each Battier Face.

Article by Eric Gray