Sexy Samantha Gauge Brings You All the Fleshtastic Gaming Cleavitude You Need on a Monday Morning (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 26, 2013

We know what you're thinking: Where in the name of Satan's sweaty scrote did the weekend go, with all the haste of a hyperactive greyhound with its rectum on fire? (That is precisely what you're thinking, it's folly to deny it.) We feel your pain, befuddlement and thinly-veiled desire to shit on the office carpet and vow never to venture into the building again, gentlemen. We're ready to ease your ire, as always.

For your delectation, then, here's a sight to perk up your mood/gonads alike. The comely corps of Samantha Gauge, flaunting her ‘gaming credentials' (and ladyparts, naturellement) with Need for Speed. Kudos to the dude with the camera -and big ol' erection, presumably- whose steadfast pursuit of panty shots is so invasive you could probably see what Ms. Gauge had for breakfast. It's just the kind of journalistic tenacity we can all applaud.

With our pants down.

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