Sexiest Celebrity Bikini Bodies Of 2017… So Far

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earl-jonas - April 26, 2017

The official beginning of summer isn't even upon us and already the most jaw-droppingly sexy celebrities have found ample opportunities to show off their tight bodies. Barely legal starlets and MILFtastic pros alike have taken to Instagram to flaunt what the good Lord gave them, and we've got all the titillating evidence right here.

When most of us think of the months proceeding the New Year, we picture gray skies, heavy clothing, and discounted day-after Valentine's candy from CVS. But not these hotties. They got a head start on the summer by traveling to exotic places with suitcases filled with a whole lot of nothing. Celebs work on their bodies day in and day out, so it makes sense they would want to show off the results as often as possible. If the fringe benefit is some fap-worthy pics deserving of framing, so be it.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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