Sexbots Are Getting Fancy (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - August 18, 2016

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It has been the dream of perverts and people who live in their parent's basements for generations for a realistic sex doll to be developed. Years ago, a sex doll was little more than a glorified latex balloon with a cartoonish open mouth. Now, thanks to those masters of perversion the Japanese, love dolls have become more and more realistic. Matt McMullen has been making love dolls for nearly 20 years which makes him an expert I would say. He has grand visions of a future in which love dolls bring people together,

“I’m moving into the future. I’m going to make the world’s finest love robot. One day two people who are on two different sides of the Earth could engage sexually, through their dolls. Or they’re in a virtual environment together. I think those kind of things are going to become very commonplace.”

Dude, stop putting on airs. The truth is that the biggest issue is that it feels at best like you are having sex with a couch and at worst that you are sleeping with a dead body. If you can overcome those things, then you've got something. This 60 Second Docs sums it up. 

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