Sex Kitten Elsa Hosk Wilds Out In Animal Print Thong

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elliot-wolf - December 1, 2018

Elsa Hosk is an expert at knowing just how to give a man an eyeful. She should look into just looking beautiful as her profession. A full-time beauty like her should be paid and praised without having to lift a finger. I know I have at least ten fingers available with Elsa's name on them. I can do all of her bidding while she just relaxes and continues to look like the perfect pile a sugar in a sweet bikini.

I would like to travel with Hosk. I know I can be of some help. I could carry luggage. Or her, when she’s tired of walking. I know she hasn’t brought it up, but the thing she’s missing in life is me. It’s all too obvious. I enjoy hot women. She is a hot woman. Problem solved before she even knew that not having me around was her problem. Normally I would charge for a consultation like that, but since she’s a looker, I’ll let it slide. She just has to promise not to attended any more exotic beaches without giving me a ring. We've spent too much time apart for too long to miss another minute together.


Photo Credit: Instagram