Sequel Talk: What’s Up with ‘Thor 2’, ‘Independence Day 2’, and ‘Fast & Furious 6’

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bill-swift - July 31, 2012

Hollywood sure has a lot of sequels lined up. One movie is often not enough to conclude each character's story, so sequels are the best way to go. And when a movie franchise is lucrative and managed to make a killing at the box office, then you can expect a sequel or two to come in the next few years because it would be a shame for both the fans and studios to pass up on them.

This week we've got updates for Thor 2, Independence Day 2, and Fast & Furious 6. But before that, a little back story on each:

  • Thor is all about the powerful and arrogant son of the mighty Odin, who sends Thor off to Earth to teach him a lesson or two about humility. The second movie sends Thor off to another adventure, this time in the dark world.
  • Independence Day has humans bent on stopping an impending invasion by hostile extra-terrestrials. While it's been sixteen years since that movie hit, producer Dean Devlin says it won't be long until the second installment hits the theaters.
  • Fast & Furious is one franchise that puts two things that guys love the most together: fast cars and hot women. Two new stars join the regular cast for the sixth movie: Joe Taslim and the gorgeous Clara Paget.

Check out the gallery to catch up on the latest sequels news for each of these franchises!