Say Hello to Abi Fox in Cosmo, Say Goodbye Heart

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bill-swift - March 2, 2012

Well, it wouldn't be a complete Thursday around these part without even more introductions to more ridiculously captivating big bursting on the scene models covering the major magazines, yes, even when dressed, including the quite amazing Abi Fox, who I can 99% assure you you will fall in deep lust with even scouring the pages of the woman-designed Cosmo U.K. magazine.

If you watch way too much television, you may remember Abi Fox from the TLC show A Model Life, when the then sixteen year old British chick made her way to New York in search of fame and runway exhibition. Well, now Abi is 21 and getting all grow'd up and in a very nice way, Still rather tame, but just so epically hot, we just had to share. Enjoy.