Sarah Stephens Pasties Covered Boobtastic Wicked Hot for Agent Provocateur

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bill-swift - October 24, 2013

Agent Provocateur has the reputation for the raciest lingerie ads in the business, which I suppose makes sense as the purpose of lingerie is to make women feel their inner minx, while outwardly driving men crazy (don't even get me started on our Sapphic leaning ladies prancing about for each other in little silky things, my head might explode).

The good folks at A.P. borrowed Aussie hottie Sarah Stephens, who might best be known in the lingerie world for walking the V.S. fashion show at just eighteen, for their latest catalog offering. Once again, pasties kind of ruin the mood. I understand that they can't show bare nipples in their print photos, but pasties haven't been exciting since 1930, or the last time I went to a Florida strip club, so, 1940. Let the crazy sexy ladies grab their own boobs I say if nipples are not the order of the day. Or, you know, let me stand in and provide the cover with my own hand-bra paws. I stand uncomfortably at the ready. Enjoy.