Sarah Margaret Qualley Is Soon Set To Be Legal, And Likely Very Wealthy in the Modeling World

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bill-swift - May 25, 2012

Yep, there's just something about those genes. Either you got 'em or you don't. Hey, if everybody in the world got the good looking DNA, it'd be somewhat boring I say. I'd miss the hunt of spotting the likes of Sarah Margaret Qualley, seventeen year old daughter of veteran supermodel Andie MacDowell, and a girl who inherited a shitload of good looks.

Sarah Margaret has already booked some major league magazine shoots and pictorials, and you can bet her market is already climbing. Striding down the street in her short dress in N.Y.C. yesterday, you could get a decent hint at why this 17 year old is going to be big time for several years to come (as opposed to say 17-year old Courtney Stodden, whose fifteen minute bell is about to be rung). Enjoy.

Sarah Margaret's older sister Rainey Qualley ain't not hotness slouch either: