Sarah Hyland Tight Leggings Working Out in L.A.

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aldo-vallon - September 6, 2017

 It is nice to see Sarah Hyland is sticking to her training regime. Gym membership logs across the country are filled with the names of New Years resolutionists who could not keep it up. It is hard enough to get people to commit to their marriages let alone exercise. Now they are stuck in their same cycle of cleaning the Cheeto stains off of their television remote controls. It is not exactly an empty life, but I imagine they would be happier if they could clean that remote while having a six pack. From what I hear, everything seems to be a little better when you have a six pack. Crippling debt? Big deal, you have washboard abs. Is your wife leaving you? Of course not, you have low body fat. Who could leave that? Well, maybe she could if she was leaving you for another man's six pack. I guess that would be understandable. 

How does Sarah's hair manage to keep so much volume even when doused in sweat? She is still at Disney princess level of hair size. That must be one hell of a gym if even your hair gains body from it. 


Photo Credit: Backgrid / Splash News