Sarah Hyland Fit and Sexy on Social Media

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aldo-vallon - August 30, 2017

 I do not know what kind of mind Sarah Hyland is trying to play on everyone, but it seems a bit cruel if you ask me. Saying things about it being only the second day working out, or having a mom bod is what leads to everyone having unrealistic expectations about their bodies. I was alive in 2003 and believe you me, if there were any moms with bodies half as good as hers, we would have held her in higher esteem than the boys of American Pie held Stiffler's mom. Actually, the closest any mom came to having Sarah's body was probably a teenager making a whole host of bad decisions. 

Oh, to be young again and gambling my future on a good time for a child I could not afford. It really is a miracle that so many make it out scott free. It is like playing Russian roulette with child support payments in the place of bullets. I know a number of guys who would be more willing to play with the bullets rather than the former. But for some reason, it never seems like that in the moment. 


Photo Credit: Snapchat