Sara Sampaio Bikinis Like the Best of Them

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bill-swift - January 9, 2014

I am in total lust with Sara Sampaio in any and all forms. But one of my favorite forms, short of her precious birthday suit, is the visuals the Portuguese hottie displays in various bikini modeling gigs. I'd sure like a private show along the two piece swimsuit line from Sara someday. Though it would mostly be me drooling, unable to speak, holding up a placard that reads, 'Please, more, for the love of God, more".

In her latest shoot for Free People, Sara shows why it's not just her wicked hot body that earns her the title of 'Girl I would let kiss me on the lips', but her all over alluring look and sultry appeal that just makes you want to do give her your PIN number and tell her to empty your bank account to buy leather boots. That's how my relationships usually go at least. Sara Sampaio, you've got that special 'it' going on. On and on. Enjoy.