Sara Jean Underwood Thongtastic In Nature

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bill-swift - June 15, 2016

There is perfection and then there is Sara Jean Underwood showing off her unclothed body in nature. I can tell you which ranks higher if you like, but I suspect you already know the answer.

The lust inducing pixie lass from Oregon with the fine body and plump funbags works tirelessly to show herself and her curves communing with the great outdoors. Quite lucky is the great outdoors who gets to ogle Sara from all angles. This must be why the trees grow so strong and tall in her area. Sara Jean isn't just another sextastic sweetheart working social media to her publicity advantage, she's the queen. She's figured out precisely how to optimize the platform for maximum happiness the world over. Hand her the gold medal, just makes sure please that it doesn't cover her magnificent udders. I'm in lust all over again each time I leer at her ridiculously hot body. Let us camp together and make many babies beneath the stars, Sara Jean. Or, let's just skip the camping part. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: Instagram