São Paulo Fashion Week Brings All the Hotties to Someone’s Backyard

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Mitch Jablonski - April 25, 2019

I have no doubt in my math skills, therefore I'm comfortable in saying that there are far too many "Fashion Weeks" happening in a calendar year. Fashion Week used to be a one week affair, now it's Fashion Week in a different city every week. Sometimes in two or three cities at once. By last count there were 61 "Fashion Weeks" last year, meaning that there were roughly nine weeks when there was more than one Fashion Week happening.

The most recent Fashion Week was in São Paulo, Brazil and it looked like it was being held in someone's backyard. It's a really nice backyard, don't mistake me, it just still looks like it was definitely someone's backyard. Are they hard up for venues in São Paulo or are they stretching by referring to this as an official Fashion Week? Something tells me the truth is closer to the latter than it is the former.

One thing you can't deny is that there were plenty of hot models strutting their stuff and showing off their bodies in the latest fashions. I suppose women this high class wouldn't turn up for an unsanctioned Fashion Week. I'm still not convinced, however.

Photos courtesy of Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images