Sammi Hanratty Sextastic Instagram Shots

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brian-mcgee - January 17, 2018

Sammi Hanratty sounds like the name of a bully in an 80s sex comedy. The first time I heard that name, all I could think was, "Sammy Hanratty gave us all wedgies at recess. Man, that Sammy Hanratty's such a jerk!" Thankfully, despite sounding like a Billy Zabka character, the real Sammi Hanratty is basically sex on two legs.

I know that many people have discovered her long before me and watched her grow up in various television shows and movies, but as someone late to the party, I suppose I can enjoy her sexiness without being hung up on knowing her when she was younger.

It might take a while for some to come around to her as a sex symbol, but I think Sammi's sexy Instagram shots are sure to help those who aren't yet convinced. Check out the gallery below and tell me that you wouldn't want to, ahem, get to know Sammi a little better. You can bring up the issues with her name at a later date. For now, just drink in the sights and the further sights that she's graced the internet with over the years!

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