Rotten Tomatoes to Start Ranking TV Shows…Like IMDB Did Ages Ago

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bill-swift - September 17, 2013

At long last, there will finally be a way to quantify exactly how crappy your favorite TV show is!

On Tuesday, movie review-aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes will launch a 'TV Zone' dedicated solely to the boob tube. It will work just like RT does for movies, taking the reviews of top television critics, determining whether they are positive or negative, and then plugging them into some magical equation to spit out a percentage. As with movies, 60% positive reviews will be considered 'fresh,' while less than that will be considered 'rotten.'

Of course, Rotten Tomatoes TV Ratings won't be all that useful for 'traditional' television viewing. Unlike feature films, you don't have to pay $13 for every member of your family to check out a TV show. Sure, maybe your cable costs $60 a month, but it doesn't cost you anything extra to check out shows. Moreover, the ubiquity of DVRs means we no longer have to make decisions about whether to watch Grey's Anotomy or CSI, Sunday Night Football or Breaking Bad. We can record everything and watch it all later.

So who will Rotten Tomatoes' new 'TV Zone' benefit? People who watch most of their TV online, well after the shows aired on the networks. Debating whether to have a Wire marathon or a Mad Men marathon this weekend? Since RT will rate shows by seasons, you'll be able to get an idea of which shows will reward an epic Netflix binge and which will leave you feeling disappointed.

So I guess that's something.

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