Rosie Huntington Whiteley Super Hot Even When Not Really Trying

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bill-swift - January 7, 2015

There's really no way Rosie Huntington-Whiteley could be hotter. Well, proximity would help, but in terms of her visual wonderments, she's simply top drawer. Even when she's posing plainly for the ladies in Elle magazine, not a scant hint of enticement toward the lads, she's still incapable of not stirring deep seeding feelings of primal urge to build a log cabin deep in the woods just for the two.

I've imagine how Rosie and I would spend the winter in just such an environ. My slave boy Jason Statham chained to the trunk of a Douglas Fir just far away enough from the main cabin that we wouldn't have to see him, but close enough that he could hear the echoes of our nightly passions fill the air. Until he cried. That last part might be piling on, but I'm so game Rosie. I'm in the book. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle UK