Rosario Dawson Big Cleavage in Hot Gold

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bill-swift - April 19, 2017

It's always a treat when a sextastic sweetheart we haven't seen in some time floats back around into our alluringly hot viewfinder like Rosario Dawson. Where has this sultry Latina sextastic been hiding lately.

Rosario's one of those lust inducing ladies who you almost forget how much you wish you could back rub late at night in the hot tub until you see her again then all of your romantic slash kinky plans flash back into your grey matter. The thespianic looked somewhat cleavetastic at the Hollywood premiere of 'The Unforgettable' in a pushed up funbag fun time gold number. You're going to get noticed. That's the point, for the both of us. Rosario, we've missed you. Bring those tasty mams around more often. Win-win. That's what I'm calling them. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet