Maria Sharapova’s Sugar Rush!

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Echo Lawrence - December 14, 2020

Tennis pro and sore loser Maria Sharapova started her own candy brand like 10 years ago called Sugarpova, according to the website the brand was inspired by Maria's search for the worlds best sweets, they also claim that Sugarpova was designed to allow yourself a "much-desired piece of indulgence".

The brand offers things like gummies, truffles, chocolate and gumballs, like these little ones made to look like tennis balls. While they try and angle it as being the best candy to eat, like it's healthier or something, the first ingredient in most of the sweets is cane sugar, 13 grams of added sugars in a 4oz bag that literally reads "moderation in moderation" makes no sense...

Maria posed for a photoshoot to promote the new brand which had me really confused, I thought Sugarpova was the name for a new fitness brand she had started because all I see is ankle weights! Anyway, it's for sweets, here is the 80's inspired photoshoot which has Sharapova waist deep in the pool wearing a pair of dress pants!