Ronda Rousey: UCL Badass and… Pokémon Enthusiast

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chris-littlechild - July 30, 2015

Now, we're all studly Ego-men here. Of course we are. I'm juggling flaming chainsaws as I type, and I'm sure you're doing just the same as you read. But as man-tastic as we all undoubtedly are, there's something we shouldn't be afraid to admit: there's one woman who could kick all our asses. Simultaneously, if she felt like it. Her name? Ronda Rousey.

This UFC fighter is a notorious badass, breaking more than a few arms in her career. You'd think she trains by wrestling sharks or lumberjack-ing with her bare hands, but it turns out she's got much more discerning tastes than that. How do true Ultimate Fighting Champions train? By getting their pokémon on, natch.

In a recent interview, Rousey laid down her love for Pikachu and his furry-assed buddies. And she's not effing around. Just so the internet doesn't start any of that 'bandwagon' bitching at her, she states that her obsession started with the originals, 1992's Pokémon Red and Blue.

 "The only ones I didn't play were Pokémon Pinball and that bullshit," quoth she, which is fair enough really.

If nothing else, she can talk the talk, naming just about every game in the series since. So knowledgable is she, she even played Pokémon X2 and Y2, which... don't actually exist. So color me impressed.

I'm not sure how all of this BS came about, but at least it all ended on a philosophical note.

 "I guess sometimes ya gotta hit a pokémon," said Rousey. The same also applies to human beings and their scapulas, presumably.

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