Rihanna Sheer See-Through Booty Shaking Performance

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bill-swift - March 29, 2016

If you've been watching any of Rihanna in her latest music videos you realize now that her house music dancing ditties are simply now boiled down entirely to sexual innuendo and not so innuendo. It's what we politely used to call f**k music. I can't imagine being that young again and mouthing the words to her songs on the dance floor which are tantamount to come-ons and suggestive rape. Though I can imagine being that stupid. That sticks with you through life I've learned.

Rihanna's crass and naughty produced music translates to her stage show in concert where she simulates sex and dresses in see-through or barely there costumes twerking her booty toward the audience in a suggestive manner whenever possible. If this sounds like a criticism. It is decidedly not. I'm a big fan of Rihanna's body and what she can do with it. Make that a huge fan, you know. What it has to do with the musical process, I have no idea. Also, if I had a daughter I'd forbid her from attending a Rihanna show until she was 70. That would make Rihanna way too old to still be pretending to mount men on stage. Though I bet she's still at it. Enjoy.

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