Rihanna Shakes Her Money Maker

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jhanson - August 5, 2015

Rihanna went to her native Barbados' annual food and AIDS festival which celebrates Kadooment Day, a holiday which signifies the end of the sugar cain harvest and coincidentally everyone is coked out of their minds. She had a float and spent a lot of time twerking while dudes creepily stared at her ass but what do you expect. Soak up the rape culture. The festival is known for its raucous atmosphere, including a greased pole climbing competition, and buckets upon buckets of ass sweat being spilled onto boiling hot asphalt and promptly licked up by roaming backs of wild rabies ridden jackals. Say what you want about Rihanna's musical talent, I'm still waiting, but she's definitely got a great ass. Perhaps it will try writing a song some day.

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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