Rihanna In A Bikini Bottom At The Beach In Rio

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bill-swift - July 15, 2014

The real excitement in Rio yesterday wasn't the World Cup final, it was Rihanna swimming in a bikini bottom at the beach. Ri-Ri  came presumably for the soccer games but she stayed for the sexy beach parties. The yellow bottom showed off a good bit of that famous Rihanna booty we all love so much. The gods of butt cleavage bestowed their bounty on these pictures. She was wearing a long top but it did allow for a little bit of bare midriff. Rihanna has an unbelievable stomach. The thing I admire most about Rihanna is her habit of being scantily clad. Then again, if I were a hot girl that looked like that I would run around half naked too. As it is I am not and the world is happy that I keep my clothes on.

The one sad thing, (for me at least), about the World Cup being over is that there will be less pictures of celebrities in bikinis galavanting around the beaches of Rio. Oh well, I have 2018 to look forward to.