Rihanna Continues to Twitpic Bikini Body Hotness

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bill-swift - January 20, 2012


-- Rihanna on her Twitter feed on vacation

Rihanna is having one heck of a Hawaiian vacation, some tasty waves, some cold cool beverages, plenty of the stanky weed, and access to a camera with which the sextastic Bajan singer continue to use to Tweet hot photos of herself in various states of teasing activities. Today, hitting the crosstrainer, and unlike my Gazelle which still haunts me with the sounds of Tony Little on videotape urging me to actually use it, Rihanna looks like she's actually hitting the gym quite hard, with the bodily results to prove it.

Something about that ski slope running down her back and onto her bikini bum that is making me start to sweat. So hot, Rihanna. Thanks for the pics. Enjoy.

(And thanks to EgoReaders including 'Lee' who spotted this Twitpic this morning.)