Rihanna Bikini Pictures Join the Italian Coastline Vacation Hit Parade

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bill-swift - July 18, 2012

As my plans continue to save up money from my paycheck to purchase the 42" world class sloop, the A.S.S. Egotastic! (just 849 more monthly paychecks to go), I must suffice to live vicariously through the yachts of other men, and the various ridiculously hot bikini clad celebrities they get to play aboard, such as the sight of Rihanna flashing her bikini body on a sweet boat off the coast of Sardinia.

Now, the photos are a bit blurry, and we're sorry that telescopic lens technology has not yet advanced to the point where we can get solid pictures of Rihanna off the coast of Italy from off the coast of Spain, but we did give it a shot. Enjoy.