NFL Referee Lockout Might be Nearing an End – Report

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michael-garcia - September 27, 2012

Finally some good news, and all it took was for under qualified referees to spectacularly blow a nationally televised game. ESPN says that negotiations between the NFL and the locked out referees have progressed to the point where the regular refs might be back doing games this week.

Without getting to much into the grimy details on referee pensions and the development of new officials -- the main sticking points coming into this week -- ESPN claims to have a source saying that "an agreement in principal is at hand." Great, now get it done. What we all want is the experienced refs out there making calls that we can complain about, not replacements who are making the games last four hours.

It should be noted that both sides are making concessions that before Monday Night's embarrassment of a game neither were willing to make. So thank you replacements, for being so inept that the league had to do something.

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