Renee Olstead Blonde Hot in Regard Magazine (But We Miss the Ginger!)

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bill-swift - April 20, 2012

You know that Renee Olstead was one of our original secret ginger crushes, and we did shed some tears the day she changed form her ruby perfection to the alluring, yet all too Hollywood blonde locks. However, who can hold a grudge when lust is involved?

Renee's blonde locks are indeed growing on us more courtesy of these steamy hot and cleavetastic photos in Regard magazine, which manages to capture the throwback hipster personality of the Secret Life actress, while capturing what we love even more -- her even more hip hot looks and sweet body. 

We want the ginger back. We want it bad so bad we can taste it. But these visual treats are not such a bad waiting room aperitif.  Enjoy.

P.S.  Check out the cover of Regard magazine this month for a hot shot of veteran hottie Tia Carrere.