Reese Witherspoon May Be Pregnant; She’s Definitely Getting MILFier

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bill-swift - March 7, 2012

Admittedly, we here at Egotastic! have a thing for moms, bosoms, and all things blonde and celebrity, so when you start mixing and matching the elements, even in the innocently portrayed form of Reese Witherspoon, we get a little tingly in our naughty bad-boy roleplaying special spots.

Some are saying that our belusted Reese Witherspoon is once more with child, as evidenced by her sort of ballooning Sunday blue church dress and her bigger than normal mom-contained chest puppies, and all we can think is, oh, my, Reese with milk, it just might push us over the edge. Of course, for confirmation, we'd have to get under her Sunday finest with her work boots on. Oh, but there go our dreams again. Reese, we wish we could quit you. We can't. Enjoy.