Red Hot Hailey Baldwin Walks the Runway at the Tommy Hilfiger Show in Shanghai

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brian-mcgee - September 5, 2018

I often forget that Shanghai is a real place because it's become a synonym for swindle in my daily vocabulary. I guess I can't help being an ignorant American, I do it so often that it's just second nature. It might be why Hailey Baldwin chose to marry someone who's decidedly not American.

I don't know if Hailey's got some sort of aversion to men who are ignorant, but she definitely went looking for someone who wasn't American. I wonder what dad Stephen has to say about all of this. He seems like the kind of guy who might have a problem with the fact that she's marrying a Canadian.

Then again, maybe he knows that this will give the family some property north of the border and he might find a way to trick Alec into going up there and then figuring out a way to keep him from coming back. It's a big plan, but it's what the Baldwin family has been trying to do for years now. Let's help them get that last little push they need to accomplish something so momentous.

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Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram