Quincy Jones Is Probably On Substances

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elliot-wolf - February 12, 2018

Quincy Jones has either reached the last level of the Free Mason Illuminati ranks to speak so freely about industry secrets or he’s doing a boat load of coke in his eighties and couldn’t care less. He sat down with Vulture to have a conversation about everything ranging from Micheal Jackson stealing music and the Beatles being awful musicians to who assassinated President Kennedy. It’s also important to note that he asked the person interviewing him what their astrological sign was. A clear indicator that Quincy should not be taken seriously but a celebrity with conspiracy theories this crazy only comes by every so often.

What’s something you wish you didn’t know?
Who killed Kennedy.

Who did it?
[Chicago mobster Sam] GiancanaChicago gangster Sam Giancana is a well-known name among Kennedy conspiracists, both for his alleged help in delivering Illinois votes for Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election and the 1963 assassination of the president. The latter theory largely stems from Giancana’s murder in 1975, not long before he was supposed to testify before a Senate committee investigating collusion between the mob and the CIA.. The connection was there between Sinatra and the Mafia and Kennedy. Joe Kennedy — he was a bad man — he came to Frank to have him talk to Giancana about getting votes.

I’ve heard this theory before, that the mob helped win Illinois for Kennedy in 1960.
We shouldn’t talk about this publicly. Where you from?

Reading the entire interview was like watching the last few fights of Floyd Mayweather’s boxing career. There were wild swings once in a while but more defensive dodging and dancing around going on, especially when cornered. He manages to also mention how he dated Ivanka Trump and that she’s a "fine motherfucker." I know for a fact that at least one of those statements about Ivanka is a lie. After the obligatory Trump bashing session the interview goes on to ask a few more music related questions then fizzles out. It’s refreshing to see someone on the brink of biting the dust be so open and almost unbiased.

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