Purge 3 Movie Milking Trump For Marketing

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elliot-wolf - February 1, 2018

One Purge sequel was more than enough but some opportunities are just too good to pass up. There’s something about simple plots and extreme violence that sells seats. Sprinkle the idea of Trump possibly being the main antagonist in this film and here we are again for the third time. “The First Purge” set to release July 4th 2018 is really the fourth Purge but since it’s a prequel and most fans of the movie religiously huff glue, names aren’t all that important here. Purge films have officially turned into the new Paranormal Activity at a time when you thought the world was done with terrible cash-grab cinema. We all should have seen this movie coming the moment Saw was cleared for an eighth installation in 2017.

The franchise has a track record for catering to the easily influenced and emotionally unstable. Identity politics and bad guys having shootouts with Black Lives Matter all in the same movie, what more entertainment could you possibly ask for on Independence Day? Actually, doing almost anything else on Independence Day would probably be a better idea than seeing this movie. Even if that means risking a public intoxication ticket after binging on Budweiser while watching fireworks with a crowd of complete strangers.

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