Pluto’s Moon Will Be Called Vulcan On The Command Of William Shatner

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bill-swift - February 21, 2013

Shatner commands, Trekkies obey. Star Trek dorks have emerged from their parent's basements long enough to probably name one of Pluto's moons Vulcan. Scientists at the SETI institute decided it was high time two of Pluto's 5 moons got a name.Right now they are called P4 and P5. So, they are having a contest to name the moons.  The 81 year old Priceline shill gave Trekkies the order to bombard the contest with calls for the moon to be called Vulcan, after the fictional planet that is Mr. Spock's hood. Needless to say Vulcan is kicking ass. The far second place is Styx, (after the river in Hades not the Come Sail Away arena rock band).

In the abstract I guess there is nothing wrong per se with the moon being called Vulcan. After all, the other planets are named after fake ancient Greek gods. It just frightens me that A) Something in fake space would suddenly exist in "real" space. B) That Trekkies are that powerful a voting lobby. The Democrats and Republicans should really go after the Trekkie demographic in the next election. And that C) Shatner has that much power. You know what they say about absolute power...

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