Phoebe Price’s Perfectly Normal Magazine Reading Outfit

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earl-jonas - November 30, 2017

Seventy-five-year-old ginger "it" girl Phoebe Price always knows how to lure wayward paps into her web of sextasticness, and yesterday went with a Scottish futuristic Christmastime intergalactic escort look while doing some heavy reading at a newsstand. The sassy starlet can often be found showing off her wares on the sidewalks of Beverly Hills, and we're just glad that the paps walked right into this one. Because this is super hot, and if you don't think so then you're literally insane. Price knows how to dress for her body, and her plastic pants perfectly accentuate her amazing buns and desirable hourglass figure. I mean wow. I'm almost bummed you're seeing this before my other posts get published, because you're going to explode in your pants and not need to see anything else. Ever.  


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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